7 Point Budgetary Platform

  1. Environmental Infrastructure changes to reduce current costs.
  2. Engage more with local community-based organizations (instead of costly consultants) for solutions to educational development. 
  3. Defunding county and local police departments.
  4. Vacant Oakland properties should generate income by providing low-income housing for unsheltered students in family-style housing.
  5. At the state level, I will continue to support Proposition 15. 
  6. At the federal level, I will continue to work with a coalition of community organizations to assist in achieving the HEROES Act and the Child Care is Essential Act for many OUSD working families who are in need pre, during, and post COVID-19. 
  7. Grant writing is crucial, as there were millions of dollars left unapplied for. I have extensive experience in grant-writing and program implementation through my 12 years in the nonprofit world.