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Call US Senators and ask them to pass the Child Care is Essential Act now! Every call really does count! When you enter your info here the system will connect you to your 2 Senators:

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Please sign both our petitions in support of CTA’s call for CalOSHA training for teachers and staff and for the US Senate to pass the HEROES Act and the Child Care Is Essential Act. Both petitions will be going to local, State, and National leaders and will include a letter to Governor Newsom for Supplemental Income for parents who are homeschooling and also in need of child care.


Local and State Educational Community and Leaders:

Petition to US Senate on passing both the HEROES Act & Child Care Is Essential Act:


Dear Rightfully Concerned Resident,  

As a mother, youth mentor, and community member of District 7, I wanted to take the time to personally express why I have taken a strong stance in not accepting any charter funding or corporate funding for my campaign. I write this letter with great emotion, because of not only my personal experiences, in having four boys in the OUSD system, but also in support of the many families who have come to me with stories of educational injustices that have left them without educational and child care equity prior and during Covid-19. 

I applaud the work of any educator, supporting staff, and educational organization that fights for our Oakland students. What I do not support is when an organization claims to do so, but continues to take stakeholder funding from out-of-state investors that fund harmful campaigns, every single election cycle, against our City, County, and State child care and public school initiatives. They ignore the fact that they are aiding in the perpetual racial and educational inequity that is seen in both charter and in the public schools of Oakland.

This must stop. 

We have the ability, intelligence, and care, to put an end to this detrimental divide that has left Oakland with the devastating statistics of a low teacher to student ratio, a dangerously low number of health and wellness centers-to-student ratio, a 50% college enrollment rate, a lack of educational resources for all teachers and students before and during Covid-19, no solid reopening plan for TK-12 students, no quality child care for them or their siblings, and a segregated school system that is based on race and the 50% of OUSD students that are English As a Second Language- learners. 

I am not in support of future charter developments for the following experiences:

  • Charter school parents are being kept in the dark by not being given the same tools to challenge any injustices that they have had in the charter schools; the way that public school parents are given. 
  • Immigrant students and ESL students were waitlisted for months to get into a charter, then after one year of attending that charter, they were let go because the charter schools said “they (the student) did not qualify for the school” simply because the school did not have the proper resources to assist the children. 
  • Organizations like Go Public Schools gave sessions on how public schools were failing, but never told the parents that charter schools were discriminatory and did not have the proper resources to even teach all of OUSD’s demographics.
  • Charter schools also do not provide special needs curriculums and for the thousands of special needs children in Oakland, charter is not an option. 
  • Charter organizations worked with developers to close our public schools just for profit. 
  • They frame themselves as pro-choice for students, but for most Black, Brown, and Indigenous students, and special needs children, they do not have a chance to attend charter. 

This absolutely has to stop. 

For all of the residents of Oakland, especially those in District 7, I am writing out of respect for you, in telling you, why I did not attend the GO Public Schools Forum. It is because of a long historical battle for public education and child care equity that I will continue to stand behind, that the GO Public Schools stakeholders and I just do not seem to agree on. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. I welcome you to reach out to me via phone or email at I hope that you will join me and other educational and child care activists, in being pro-children and pro-educator, above profit.

With Deepest Gratitude and Unity,

Kristina Molina

Kristina Molina for Oakland School Board 2020



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6 months 3 weeks ago

As you know, this is a grassroots campaign that needs all of the support we can get! There are many ways that you can contribute to this campaign; ie, phone banking, text banking, hosting a virtual house party and making a financial contribution. You may donate by going to and click on donate, or you are also welcomed to just click this link below to make a financial contribution. Much appreciation and solidarity!

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Here is a full map of all Food and Covid-19 Kit Distribution locations throughout the City of Oakland. 💝

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7 months 21 hours ago

Please stop by the Eastmont Mall parking lot to pick up your Drive Through Produce Box, Food, & Covid-19 Kits every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Message me if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for anything else that you would like to see in the days of distribution. In unity!

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7 months 5 days ago

In honor of our African and Black children and brothers and sisters, Juneteenth is here! It is the celebration of the ending of slavery. Below is a list of events happening in Oakland, please attending one or all of them!

1) The Oakland Public Library (beautifully written stories; note, festivities are postponed until July)

2) ILWU-Longshormen Call-to-Action (from divestment of cargo from apartheid-South Africa to today's struggles of divesting funds from systemic racism to pay for our schools, hospitals, and provide more jobs)

3) Juneteenth at Lake Merritt (bring a blanket and enjoy live performances, food, vendors, and a march around the lake in solitary of #blacklivesmatter.)

4) Please do not forget to support African and Black owned restaurants, micro kitchens, merchandise, and mobile food trucks!!!

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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that DACA under The Dream Act will continue. To renew your DACA application, click on this link and follow the steps. There is no age limit, and all immigrant students or immigrants seeking to return to school can and must apply. Guidelines and requirements are listed in this link. Thank you to all of our students from all over the world, who stood on the front lines, to protect the rights of all aspiring students and securing the future of this nation as member of the global community.

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As the daughter of two migrant Latinx parents who were historical members of the farmworker's struggle, one of my many passions is to continue honoring the sanctuary rights of equal access to education and public health for our OUSD immigrant youth and their families. In honor of Oakland's history of immigrant labor from Africa, Asia, Asian Pacific Islands, and Latin America, I invite you to stand in support of protecting TPS and DACA for the millions of hardworking families that built the great City of Oakland. NorCal TPS Coalition, that includes Oakland based organizational members of ACILEP, will be organizing a caravan at 9:30am at St. Anthony of Padua Church, 3215 Cesar Chavez in San Francisco. Contact NorCal TPS at 415-863-1225 for more information. #immigrantlivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blackandbrownlivesmatter #lgbtqlabor

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#blacktranslivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blackandbrownlivesmatter #indigenouslivesmatter

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Bay Area Community Services is still accepting application for rental assistance in Oakland and in Emeryville. Hayward is no longer accepting applications, but if you are in Oakland and need rental assistance, please fill out an application as soon as possible.