I believe that the community schools model is the right portfolio of services to help D7 students reach their full potential. The majority of the schools in District 7 are classified as stressed or stressed areas meaning that they are high in environmental stress factors. I support the idea of providing a more culturally relevant curriculum that not only showcases the incredible historical resilience and strength of people of color, but also their current struggles and triumphs including that of the LGBTQ+ community. I also believe in community support services because I provided free support services to OUSD students when I worked for a community nonprofit. The most amazing thing about community support services is that they are free and their volunteers and staff possess an extraordinary amount of specialized skills and resources to advocate and intervene on behalf of the needs of all students.I believe strongly in the integrations of an LGBTQ+, racial, and cultural inclusive curriculum in the Preschool-12 grade schools. We need to continue building on the FAIR Education Act by supporting Sexual Education programs that encourages students to protect their bodies, and teaches the importance of consent, sexual abuse, domestic violence.

We also have a duty to help the immigrant populace in our schools. The stereotype is that the only immigrants are from Mexico. The largest influx in the last two years have immigrants coming from Guatemala, Africa, other countries other than Mexico. Most now reside in East Oakland. Please see the OUSD’s Newcomer Program Executive Summary here for more information.